• NHS.com Sold For $151,300
  • SSM.com Sold for $145,000
  • AFW.com Sold for $125,000
  • SPN.com Sold for $121,266
  • AMT.com Sold for $100,000
  • MEC.com Sold for $99,000
  • RCS.com Sold for $95,000


Join the ranks of the follwing brands that operate on a three-letter dot com.


United Parcel Service


Music Television


CVS Pharmacy


International Business Machines

Benefits of Ownership


Trust & Credibility

The .COM domain name extension is one of the Internet's original top-level domains. A dot com domain is seen as the gold standard for an online presence, and establishes an unmatched level of trust and credibility with your prospective customers.

Nothing says you are the real deal like a .COM. If you use an alternate extension like .NET, .CO, .TV or one of a myriad of other options, you'll be fighting an uphill battle to win over the trust of new customers.

Branding & Marketing

You establish trust with a .COM, but you establish your organization as a global force with a premium domain name. Three-letter dot coms are rare and highly coveted, all of them were taken more than a decade ago. Once acquired by an organization, it is unlikely to ever be available again.

A short domain name is memorable and proven to be more effective in delivering customers to your website when used in TV, print, and radio advertising. For a fraction of the cost of a traditional marketing campaign you can have an online presence that really turns heads.


About the Domain

'98 Year Created
16 Years Old
3 Domain Length
COM Extension

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